Over a history spanning 30 years our team from Vice Automotive have refined our skills in the area of  differentials to a point where we can tackle any differential job, BIG or small.



A technician will put the vehicle on a hoist and accelerate to cruising speed (approx 80kph). Using a special stethoscope another technician will listen to your driveline carefully determining what part of the differential needs repair.

Common issues;

  • Axle bearings

  • Differential bearings

  • Differential pinion and ring gear

  • Pinion seal leaks

  • Vibrations

  • Odd sounds

Diff rebuilds


ratio change

All work that is to be commenced is explained in detail including the price. If for any reason there is a change in work requirements or parts, you will contacted before any further work is carried out. 

As our customer it is important to us that you feel confident in your automotive specialist, there will be no hidden charges when it comes time to pay your invoice.


We use only quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) products in both overhauled and repaired differentials which gives better service life to your differential allowing us to back our work with an unconditional kilometer warranty.

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Diff Overhaul - Diff bearing kit

You can drive away relaxed knowing that on all differential overhauls come with a 12 month unlimited kilometer warranty.


We offer a free strip and quote service. We will fully inspect the internals of your differential and give you a quote for a repair and overhaul. No work is carried out without your consent. If you do not wish to go ahead with the repair no fee will be charged.